Taking Bedroom Control

I have found that men who are comfortable in the bedroom are the men who can hold their own in any situation and especially in the bedroom. So here are some tips on how to be the man in the bedroom.

Be bold and aggressive. It is very easy to be pushy and overly friendly with women, especially when you are nervous or unsure of yourself. Be a man and stand up for yourself, talk to her about herself, and show her who you are and what you can do. You will be surprised how much this makes a difference in the bedroom.

Take her places she has never been before. Do you have some of her clothes that you haven’t worn yet? Buy some new ones and spend time with her wearing them.

Be patient and let her ask you questions. If you’re intimidated with having her naked in front of you, don’t feel bad, as it is normal. Take your time and be sure to be completely honest and open about what you want and need.

A great way to make sure she knows you like her is to ask her to dance. Make her sit down and show her some moves. She might just think it’s funny and you can let her know that you have a great time with her.

Be subtle and sexy. Guys can be sexy and when you know the way they move and how they dress. This will help you in the bedroom too.

Make her feel special by saying thank you when you do something for her, not just give her something to look at. Don’t forget about the things you have done for her. Say thank you for the roses you gave her, for the flowers she put in her hair, and the favor you gave her the day before.

Women love when a guy shows her that he is grateful. So when you do something for her, be thoughtful and make sure you let her know that you appreciate her and what she does for you. This will make her feel special and will make her want to spend more time with you.

If you don’t know the way to get a girl into bed, don’t worry. There are many books available online that will show you how to please a woman and it doesn’t matter what style you like or what you like about her. Just be confident, be a gentleman, and enjoy the experience.

All in all, if you can follow these suggestions, you will soon be the man in the bedroom and the girl will not think twice about becoming the woman in the relationship. Enjoy.

How To be The Man In The Bedroom

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